Creek Caravan Park to rejuvenate historic site at Ringstead

Old caravans in Ringstead 1930s

Plans to rejuvenate a historic caravan site has unearthed documents going back nearly 90 years showing what caravanning was like in the early 1930’s and 1940’s. 

The Park is owned and run by families who have had caravans on the site for many years, including one family who have been holidaying there since the 1930’s.

The Park is undergoing site improvements and landscaping to modernise it. The capacity of the Park will remain the same, with some of the 30 caravans available for sale as the work is completed.  

As part of these improvements the Creek Caravan Park is applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness to clarify and confirm the planning position of the site. This action is being taken to be able to extend the season so caravan owners and their families are able to visit their caravans for longer, and in particular over Christmas, New Year and the school holidays. This will also help boost the local economy in the area. The historic evidence unearthed is part of this application. 

Hilary Fisher, one of the Directors, whose family have been residents of Ringstead for over 44 years and whose great aunt bought the land for the caravan site in 1924 said:

It is our aim to update the Creek Caravan Park while maintaining its history as a quiet family holiday caravan park by the sea, with owners and visitors who love and respect Ringstead and its unique surroundings.”



What’s happening on the Creek Caravan Site?


Our focus over the next 10 months is to progress with plans to make The Creek Caravan Site a modern looking, quiet, well-presented park that fits comfortably in its unique and special surroundings, with the aim of opening at the start of the 2022 season.

There will be no more caravans than there were before the site was cleared.
For health and safety reasons over the next month work will be undertaken to make the site safe and restrict access to the site in preparation for the upgrade and improvement works that need to be done. This will include fencing off the area to prevent access from the road and the beach.

We expect the works on the site will begin in early autumn and continue into next year. Progress will be dependent on a number of factors, including the weather. We will be making every effort to limit disruption for local residents while this work is being undertaken.

The improvements to the site will not only include the upgrade of the underground services and to the pitches but also sympathetic landscaping with native trees and shrubs all in keeping with its coastal location.